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Welcome to Roman Racing


Since I was 12 years old, I have always been involved in racing, starting with building and racing my own go-karts. I'll never forget my karting first place trophy in an enduro race where I was not the fastest karter, but finished the race as all of the other faster karts in my class broke down. I still remember what a great feeling that was! That was when I knew that I could build something reliable and successful! Through the years, I have been involved in amateur racing, which I still thoroughly enjoy. I have also been to Italy many times, visiting the Alfa Romeo Factory and Museum, the Lamborghini Factory, and of course, the Ferrari Factory.

In fact, on my first visit in September 1977 to the Ferrari factory, I was so impressed with the organization and cleanliness, you could eat of the floor! I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Enzo Ferrari (which is something I'll never forget), and having a personal tour of his factory and the Fiorano test track.. At the end of my visit I received an autographed copy of the Ferrari Red Book, all in Italian. As a Canadian, the timing was important. Upon visiting the factory I found they just hired the great Canadian Ferrari driver, Gilles Villeneuve, whom Enzo admired so much.

I am a government certified mechanic and have been repairing cars for over 28 years. My qualifications include working for general repair shops and dealerships (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Peugeot, General Motors, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Porsche). I ran my own Italian Automotive Repair business for approximately 8 years.

At present, I own and operate Home Car Care, Mobile Automotive Service (since 1993). My work involves computer diagnostics and general maintenance.

Race Car and Van