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Welcome to Roman Racing

Links and Recognition

Classic Alfa Romeo Parts & Spares - Bertone, Spider & more - Classic Alfa is the site for classic Alfa Romeo cars, parts, spares, and accessories for sale.
click to read articleEuropean Car Magazine: September 2001, (Volume 32, No.9).
Some of you may have already seen this article, where a story was featured about me and my Alfa V6 Conversion. As a result of this article, I fortunately won a free set of Pirelli tires, which fit great on my '67 Duetto!
Home Car Care: mobile automotive car care, we come to you!
Riccardo Patrese: The Ricardo Patrese tribute site.
Serpent Auto Sport: wheels, body kits, ans accessories for Alfa Romeo cars
Victoria Motor Sports Car Club: Member since the early 1980's, the club recognizes racing accomplishments and awards.
Centreline International
OKP Parts

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